Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sharing the Sunshine.

I know my latest blogs have been downers, so i wanted to stop for a second and share someone that really makes me happy.

<------ it's that guy right over there!

Peter and i have had our ups and downs during the past four years, like major ups and downs...but for some reason we just can't seem to stay away from eachother! and that is totally fine with me.

having peter is maryland was really hard at first. i think the fact that i feel like i have two lives made me push him away during the first part of our trip. the maryland situation is really hard for me. i just don't know how to find a happy place between having my life here and having so much of my life there. but after a couple of days things got a lot better. i loved that he was there with my family. my family adores him and would do anything for him. so would i.

so, i want so badly for us to end up there one day. like one day when we have babies :] this of course is a very touchy subject between us. it's just that i want my kids to have what emerick has. he has my parents. he has an amazing play room. he has family. i want my kids to grow up close to their cousins like my sister and i did.

i know this is hard for peter because his family is here....but his brother and sister don't have kids and probably won't for some isn't it only fair? i don't want to be selfish but i just can't imagine giving this up. we are both so close to my family so in my head it just seems right...

i know im getting ahead of myself..i mean we need to get married first!

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  1. Yay! I became a follower! But....I totally understand what you mean about the wanting your kids to have what you had. My family is all local. I grew up seeing my cousins everyday. I have one sister, and she doesn't want kids. I'm really hoping that changes. I always get ahead of myself when thinking about my future. My husband to be better have lots of nieces and nephews! But I'm not even close to that. At least you've nailed down the man! One with a pretty freakin sweet mustache, I have to say! lol.