Tuesday, July 19, 2011

you are my sunshine

today i received an unexpected package in the mail. if you didn't know..i LOVE to get fun mail, especially packages. so, i of course could not wait to open it...so much so that i opened it my car!

i had no idea when i was opening the box that so much emotion was going to unfold. i just thought, how nice..mom and dad sent me a birthday gift :] what i got was so much more than a gift. it was a bag filled with so much love and happiness. needless to say, i teared up...big time!

their were so many wonderful treasures in this bag...sentimental charms for a bracelet, beautiful earrings for my newly re-pierced ears, a cupcake bag, the cutest keychain, worry dolls (which i need!), a REALLY good target giftcard, a sweet musical card with lovely words in it and this...

this little 4x4 piece of art had me in tears in a second. this gift was from my dad and he's one of the four sweetest men in my life. (my dad, my papa, my great uncle ed, and of course peter.) getting this from him meant the world to me. the relationship i have with my dad is very different from the one i have with my mom. i love both of my parents soooo much in different ways. i think it just really caught me off guard because mom's always do the shopping, right!? i guess i was wrong and to me, this gift is priceless.

my dad has always sung me "you are my sunshine" since i was a little girl. sometimes when i was feelin' like i needed some love i would just look at him and ask; "dad, am i your sunshine?" ... just so he would say it.

i love my parents so much and it makes me happy to know that they love me too .. and not only that...they love each other! today they celebrated their 30th anniversary!! that's not so common these days and i know i am one of the lucky ones.

thanks mom and dad for all that you do and all the ways you show me love. you are both so loved. i couldn't ever begin to describe the love and respect i have for both of you. i wish you were closer so i could hug you both right now.

so everyone, go hug your parents!