Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY-how poor people make rich (looking) things.

Well, it has been over 3 months now so I guess another blog post won't hurt.

Crafting...I have been crafting. A lot.

So, I wanted to share with you my latest "craft" which was inspired by my lovely friend, Erin.

How to make a headboard 101

1) Buy some ply wood to fit your bed. You can either buy it so it can be mounted on your wall or to where it will just prop up off of the floor. (I went for the second option since we are currently renting.)

2) Buy some batting or foam from walmart or a craft store

3) Choose the fabric you wish your headboard to be...I used 2 yards of table cloth material from walmart! This worked perfectly because I did not have to sew any fabric together to fit! You can also use a sheet or duvet cover. The possibilities are endless!

4) staple the material over the batting onto the wood!

That's it...easy as pie! And now for the finished product!