Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

The other day I was watching the Tyra show. Yes, I really just admitted that. So, forget the Tyra part because the topic was really eye opening and sad. She had three young girls on the show with their moms. Each girl was under the age of 15, the youngest being 9. Each girl had one thing in common..... They hated themselves. When I say hated themselves, I mean that they were disgusted by their outer appearances. She had each girl pick a part a photo of themselves. They wrote things like "monster" "ugly" "fat" and other hurtful words. The youngest of the three girls was the saddest to watch. She was 9 and so cute! She had short blonde hair and a rounder but sweet face. She thought of herself as a monster and would skip meals in hopes of making her cheeks smaller. It was so sad.

So, this segment really made me think about how abnormal it is that girls everywhere are hating themselves. I thought about all the things I deal with as a girl. How I hate my arms, feel too fat, wish I had better skin, and the list goes on. I thought, well that's different..I'm 23, I'm supposed to hate those things about's just what women do. So then I started to think back to when I was younger. Did I have those same thoughts then? Was I just like these little girls? The truth is, in some ways I was. I never thought of myself as a monster but I know their were things I didn't like but it was never as bad as that little 9 year old girl. I don't understand what makes girls and women hate themselves so much!? It shouldn't be like this. We are who we are and the truth is that other people aren't viewing us the way we are. They aren't looking at the flaws we want to change so badly. We are our own worst critic and we seem to be getting harder on ourselves as the years continue on.

I don't know how to make it better... it just really made me sad. So, moms and dads of little girls-make sure she knows she's beautiful. And here's to you parent's of girls! I don't know how you do it. Little girls are so much more fragile than boys and I just don't know if I could be strong enough to have a girl one day!


  1. I think the biggest reason for this is because all of these little girls are growing up watching their Mom's look in the mirror and say all of those things... "I am so fat" "I am so ugly", "My arms are too fat".

    We all need to start accepting ourselves, especially in front of our kids, show them that we are confident and comfortable with who we are and how we look. This goes for me too, but also something for you to think about when the time comes for you to raise a child. :-)

  2. I think so much of it just has to do with society in general. People are so focused on outer beauty rather than inner beauty. Celebrities are ridiculed for looking "normal." Seriously, we all have rolls. I don't so much ever remember growing up and feeling particularly fat or ugly, but I did compare myself to other girls my age. That's just something girls do. I think now it's so much worse, because you have the media playing it up. You have weight loss commercials on every 2 seconds. Young girls are feeling so much pressure to live up to society's expectations of beautiful, even at a young age because it's everywhere. It is so sad.
    I worry, like you though if I ever have a daughter. But I worry about it for myself too. I find it to be a nearly everyday battle to be acceptive to who I am, and I don't just mean physically. I think it's all just human nature, that's maybe just been exaggerated by our surroundings. I think as long as you can recognize your flaws and be okay with them, then you're stronger than you think. I don't like my nose, but I just wouldn't be me if I changed it! Know what I mean?
    (Sorry it's like the longest comment ever)!

  3. Something I wish I could still change about myself. <3 Yes, the media has played a huge part in how we as women feel and build self esteem. WE are our own worst enemies...I know this to be true for myself..I sure know I have two of the most beautiful daughters ever! <3 Mom