Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Me, myself, and god

This week I have been trying something new in order to make everyday a Sunday. Before I leave for work I pray that god would be a part of my day. It's only been two days but so far I can notice a difference in my days. Sure, I still get totally stressed out when any of the kiddies are upset or if someone says something that upsets me but I am finding it easier to brush off and move on.

My favorite part of my weekdays is my lunch hour. I get to go to my favorite place and sit for a whole hour! It is true bliss. I just eat my lunch, drink iced tea, catch up with old friends and most importantly now...I am remembering to talk to god. If I was a stay at home girl I wouldn't come to this place and have such a great hour. That is something I need to remember and focus on so I can create that Sunday feeling each and everyday.

I believe that god creates appointments for people and I have met a lot of wonderful people on my lunch breaks, people whom are real, genuine, kind people. I look forward to coming here and showing up for those appointments. I also now look forward to journaling..which is usually through blogging because I don't like to write...but now I can do that because I am bringing my iPad along with me to have on my lunch break. :)

I'm sure this is pretty boring for whoever out the is actually reading my blog..so just know this is my way of releasing some stress and writing out my thoughts. I would love to start blogging with pictures, but first things first..I need to write!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and that god would show you great things and make appointments for you to meet someone new.


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